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Our Services

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • In-Patient Care
  • Outpatient Services
  • Personalized 1:1 Programs

We Use Technology to Heal

Equipment, expertise and compassion are essential for therapy to be successful. Our programs have been created for specific reasons by therapists who know how to incorporate technology and the right equipment into the healing process. We are high tech and high touch.

Our equipment includes:

Ultrasound Therapy Units are versatile and assist with managing chronic or acute post-traumatic pain. The beam uniformly supports safer treatment for geriatric patients with reduced muscle mass and joint sensitivity.

E-Stim is a form of treatment that uses electrical currents for pain control. The underlying tissue and nerves are gently stimulated, which begins the healing process.

Recumbent Bikes are valuable therapeutic tools. Patients sit in a slightly reclined position with the back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands in a more normal body alignment reducing the pain and discomfort on affected areas and joints and ensuring that less weight is transferred to the knee or hip.

Pronex cervical traction device helps patients relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm and decompresses spinal structures. It is the only traction device that uses a bellows technology to provide a gentle, even distraction of the cervical spine.

Iontophoresis uses noninvasive technology to deliver pain medication via a microprocessor-controlled electrical current. This is a powerful way to relieve pain, ease symptoms and facilitate recovery.

Hands On Therapy Philosophy

Manual Therapy uses skilled, specific hands-on techniques for the treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints and is essential for any successful rehab program. Physical interaction is especially beneficial for senior citizens who receive the least touching of any age group. Studies have shown that hands-on therapy can help to alleviate depression and reduce anxiety.

Muscle Energy Techniques require a high level of therapist involvement and patient participation that is very direct and active in order to increase the range of motion and reduce pain.