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Our Services

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • In-Patient Care
  • Personalized 1:1 Programs
  • Dementia Programming

Dementia Program — Acknowledging the Person Inside the Patient

The goal of our dementia training program is “to do with instead of for” — this occurs through use of ADLs and activities to promote function. When we lose the ability to engage in meaningful activities, we lose an important part of our self. This can lead to serious consequences such as decreased mood, agitation, anxiety, greater level of disorientation.

Activities can help to maintain a sense of familiarity, routine, and self; 90% of “behaviors” we could be triggering as caregivers.

We cannot function higher than our cognitive level. The first step in our dementia programming and training is to identify our residents current cognitive level in order to develop a program to promote use of remaining abilities, develop self-esteem, and ensure quality of life needs are met.

Therapy will then use knowledge on patient’s specific cognitive level to create a Functional Maintenance Program designed to specifically meet that patient’s needs and will train staff on implementation.


By learning our residents’ individual life histories and focusing on remaining abilities instead of the disability, we can ensure their well being and provide a living environment to promote success through meaningful activity and engagement in surroundings.

By acknowledging the person inside the patient, we are able to identify and utilize the abilities that remain at each stage of dementia and tap into our patients’ best ability to function in all aspects of their ADLs, leisure pursuits and mobility.

We have researched and developed a unique dementia program that pulls from a vast knowledge base and implements pieces of the following programs:  Allen Cognitive Levels, Hand in Hand Dementia Training, and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

We look forward to assisting you with the development of our dementia care programming.


We Use Technology to Heal

Equipment, expertise and compassion are essential for therapy to be successful. Our programs have been created for specific reasons by therapists who know how to incorporate technology and the right equipment into the healing process. We are high tech and high touch.

Our equipment includes:

The OmniCycle Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System represents the most advanced therapy cycle technology available. It accommodates post-acute patients who typically may not be able to participate in therapeutic exercises.

E-Stim is a form of treatment that uses electrical currents to create muscle contraction which increases strength, prevents atrophy, and reduces pain.