“PPS is very involved and committed to providing education and training for our staff and holistic care for our residents. They help us keep up with current issues in the skilled nursing arena, and have assisted us tremendously during the transition period of optimizing our CMI, working with our staff to ensure a smooth transition. We are grateful to work with a therapy company that gets involved with facility activities and cares about rehabilitating our residents to improve their quality of life. PPS is always staffed to meet the needs of our residents, even during holidays. They provide continuous and consistent service to our residents to ensure optimum levels of care and rehab potential, while obtaining the necessary RUG levels for each of our residents. They serve as an excellent resource to our staff and residents in all areas of care. The therapists exhibit a hands-on, caring approach with our residents and treat them like family. I could not ask for a better company to work with in providing the best care to the residents of our community than PPS. Not only has the Director of Rehabilitation built up and maintained a strong Medicare Part B census, which has reduced falls, but has developed a Part A Therapy Program we can easily take out and market. Our MDS RUG scores are very healthy with the necessary documentation that shows how much our residents are benefitting from appropriate levels of therapy.”

Deloris McQueen, Administrator
Dade County Nursing Home District
Greenfield, MO

“I have said, and continue to say that I am PPS’s biggest FAN!!! This group is truly a member of our CARE FACILITY. I no longer dread the weekly Medicare meetings to only hear that due to diagnosis and age, this patient has plateaued. The PPS staff does not give up on our patients merely because they are over the age of 65. How refreshing!! Patient outcomes and center profitability have went above and beyond my expectations and only continue to do so. THANK YOU PPS!!!!”

Daisy Murphy, Administrator
Scotland County Care Center
Memphis, MO

“We changed therapy providers a couple of years ago and are pleased with the services we received from Physical Performance Systems. In addition to providing therapy for our residents, we have an out-patient therapy program. We are fortunate to have a dedicated director of therapy. The quality of therapy we receive is outstanding! It is good to be out in the community and hear such remarks from people who have used therapy on an out-patient basis. Also, I am impressed with the quality of therapist this company hires. One thing I like about this company is that if I have a problem or concern the owner of the company is just a phone call away and quite often he is the one coming here to do a PT evaluation. Much better to deal with than the large therapy companies!”

Tim Schrage, Administrator
Knox County Nursing Home
Edina, MO

“I have used multiple other rehab providers in the past, but PPS truly has become our partner in care. Making a change in therapy services can be difficult due to the unknowns of dealing with new people and procedures. PPS made the transition very easy! The team is very professional, responsive, and compassionate with our residents. I tell everyone our therapists do a great job and our residents truly benefit from their creativity and care. Our dedicated therapists make our facility number one and they really elevated our reputation in the community. I have never regretted making a change and as a result have had wonderful outcomes with our residents. I could not be happier with their performance and commitment to the success of our residents and facility. Our PPS therapy department works hard and goes above and beyond everyday to enable our residents to reach their highest physical functioning possible. I am so proud to have such a wonderful and dedicated therapy staff.”

Kathleen Carver, Administrator
Good Shepherd Nursing Home
Lockwood, MO

“We are so thankful for PPS joining our team! What a phenomenal asset they have proven to be. We have witnessed significant increased resident and family satisfaction as well as RUG rates. Our staff raves about PPS all the time regarding their compassionate support and commitment to our residents and our facility. If you’re looking for a therapy change, then look no further – PPS is the answer. Welcome aboard PPS!”

Tammy Ramsey, Administrator
Clark County Nursing Home
Kahoka, MO