Our Modalities

Infrared Therapy Infrared Therapy Anodyne Therapy is an FDA-cleared system that delivers monochromatic infrared photo energy to produce extraordinary clinical results for a large variety of conditions and diagnoses. Anodyne Therapy has been used by medical and veterinary clinics, the Navy Seals, the Army Rangers and many other military institutions for years because it gets results faster than any other modality. Each treatment session lasts for 30-45 minutes. Ultrasound Ultrasound Ultrasound produces high frequency sound waves that are transmitted into the body generating a gentle soothing heat. The heat in turn creates vasodilatation. Vasodilatation is an enlarging of the blood vessels which serve to bring a lot of nutrient rich, oxygen rich blood to the injured area to speed up the healing process. Electrical Stimulation Electrical Stimulation Electrical Stimulation sends a painless electrical current through the skin to specific nerves. The current serves to block the pain that a patient feels and can be described as a gentle buzz or massaging feeling. The treatment stimulates the body's production of endorphins and natural pain killers and relaxes muscle spasms.